Northfield HS Bldg. 5 at Paul Sandoval Campus

Project Details

Denver Public Schools
Denver, Colorado
$42,815,000 (Main Classroom Building)
$9,524,000 (Auxiliary Gym)
$2,000,000 (Music/Drama Addition)
99,750 sq. ft (Main Classroom Building)
28,172 sq. ft. (Auxiliary Gym)
13,161 sq. ft. (Music/Drama Addit1on)
Date Completed:
Project Partners:

Eidos Architecture (Aux Gym)
The Architerra Group
JVA Consulting Engineers
Brown Civil Engineering
SA Miro
LT Engineering
The Ballard Group
Corey Engineering
D.L. Adams
Rooftech Consultants
Technology Consulting Solutions, Inc.
Tacito Design, Inc.

“LOA Architecture has been a proven leader and superb advocate for the Denver Public Schools District. They have shown commitment second to none when it comes to representing the owner in all phases of their scope.

I have the utmost faith in their entire team and would love to have them on future projects here at DPS.

They helped us complete the largest single project DPS has ever undertaken. A 70m dollar expansion project that went flawlessly and delivered ahead of schedule. They were also crucial in the Nurse Station Design Build Project we completed related to the Pandemic.

In short, LOA in my personal and professional opinion are one of the best AE firms I have ever worked with. I have been in the construction business for 38 years and would recommend their team to anyone.”

Jim A Staples
Sr. Project Manager. DPS

Physical Environment

While the new school buildings are on Denver Public School’s property, the courts and soccer field are on Denver Parks and Recreation’s property.

Below are the completed projects that were started in May 2019.

  • Two-story 46-classroom building (Building 5)
  • Music/drama addition
  • Two new auxiliary (Aux) gyms and supporting restrooms, concessions, and locker rooms
  • Four new tennis courts, two pickleball courts, and a new soccer field

The shared completed campus now has a total of 3 classroom buildings; one three-story building for DSST (Building 4) and two two-story buildings for Northfield High School (Building 2 and 5), a Commons building with a Music and Drama Addition, one Gymnasium building with; 1) IB Library, 2) Competition gym and 3) Auxiliary Gym.

Community Environment

With the completion of the Building 5 addition to the campus the Paul Sandoval Campus is officially complete, providing a unique learning and work environment for both students and staff. The open campus is a first for Denver Public Schools and contributes to the goal of creating a college like atmosphere to prepare students for the next stage of their lives. With the integration of Denver Parks and Recreation land to the campus open space welcomes not only students to the campus but surrounding neighbors to interact with the newest addition to Denver Public Schools facilities.

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