Ellie Caulkins Opera House Renovation

Project Details

Newton Auditorium
City and County of Denver
Denver, Colorado
Project Partners:

Semple Brown Design
Architect of Record

Denver’s historic Ellie Caulkins Opera House underwent a challenging interior demolition and modernization, while leaving the exterior of the hall intact.

LOA Architecture, associate architect working for Semple Brown Design, was responsible for the replacement of all windows and doors, working with the State Historical Society and Denver Historic Preservation, and for returning the corner at 14th and Curtis to its original beauty by removing a non-historic ticket window and lobby.

LOA Architecture, along with Semple Brown Design, created backstage spaces designed to make performers comfortable and at ease. LOA’s main responsibility was the design of a loading dock off of Curtis Street. The challenge was getting opera style moving trucks of significant length “shoe-horned” into a limited area.

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