Denver West High School Library

Project Details

Denver Public Schools
Denver, Colorado
17,337 sq. ft
Date Completed:
Project Partners:

McGrath Inc.
Sample Engineering
J.C. Baur & Associates
Peak Engineering

This project provided the addition of a new 14,337 square foot library wing to the existing Denver West High School building which was built in 1926. The addition includes a theater that seats 100 as well as a multimedia production studio. LOA Architecture created an elevated location where students can see downtown Denver and visualize their future from the library. The design team created the structure with a circular central space bathed in natural daylight from translucent skylights. The structure radiates into a truncated half-dodecagon (12-sided polygon) and features a facade of alternating windows and walls with a strong vertical theme reminiscent of Neo-Gothic style. The style creates visual interest and complements the original structure.

“This library is so beautiful, it makes me want to learn!” commented one 10th-grader after using the updated Denver West High School Library Media Center.

This project was featured in American Libraries Magazine (Issue April 2003).

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