Warren Tech North Campus

Project Details

JEFFCO Public Schools
Arvada, Colorado
22,600 sq. ft.
Date Completed:
Project Partners:

McGrath Inc.
Ackerman Engineering Inc.
D.L. Adams Associates, Inc.
D.W. Norman Inc.

JeffCo Construction Management asked LOA Architecture to provide the tenant finish design of the existing interior of the Galleria building. This building was the lone structure to be salvaged from the Arvada West High School Phase II Replacement and Site Development Project for which LOA was the architect of record.

The tenant finish scope is on 2 floors totaling 34,250 sq. ft. including 11 classrooms, a staff lounge, a work room and 13 administrative offices. This project was later divided into two phases. Phase I being the first floor and Phase II being the second floor. Also included is a new library on the first floor and an additional 11 classrooms on the second floor.

The scope included the addition of restrooms to the first floor and sink locations in selected classrooms. A fume hood and chemical storage room has been designed for a lab on the second floor. Finishes included new ceilings and floor finishes throughout. “Smart corners” are provided for each classroom.

At the beginning of the construction process, LOA Architecture was asked to provide drawings for the replacement of an existing exterior window wall that was notorious for water leaks.

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