Slavens K-8

Project Details

Denver Public Schools
Denver, Colorado
$2.5 Million
7,625 sq. ft.
Date Completed:
December 2018
Project Partners:

Corey Electrical Engineering
Gehring & Associates
LT Engineering Services
Lund Partnership
Technology Consulting Solutions

In 2017, LOA designed a 4-classroom addition, bathrooms and storage over the first floor of the school, as well as designed an external stairwell on the south side of the building. The project gave LOA an opportunity to help bring new life into the older building. The design enabled the school to expand their classroom capacity by 50 seats and excited the community with the student population growth and school need.

The addition challenged the LOA design team to create an aesthetically pleasing exterior that provided balance between the two wings, as well as blend with the 1963 exterior addition and the 2013 addition located on the northeast corner of the school. The design team was diligent to make sure the exterior brick matched the 2013 addition and looked seamless above the main floor portion of the building that was completed in 1963. LOA was proud to complete the project while the building was still in use and LOA ensured the project was completed in a timely manner and maintained the safety and well-being for students, faculty and staff.

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