Conservatory Green High School

Project Details

Denver Public Schools
Denver, Colorado
56,000 sq. ft.
Date Completed:
August 2018
Project Partners:

Gehring & Associates
Corey Electrical Engineering
S.A. Miro, Inc.
Architerra Group
Lund Partnership

“LOA architecture, under the leadership of Timothy Habben, in partnership with TreanorHL and with the assistance from Architects of Achievement (AofA) planned, designed and led the construction of the “flagship” project of the DPS 2012 Bond, creating the Paul Sandoval (Stapleton Northfield) Campus. This was the first land development, largest campus, and first new comprehensive high school in the Denver Public Schools system in over 30 years. The work of LOA was outstanding over the two-year design and construction period overcoming a list of challenges and delivering the highest praised multi-school campus in the state.”

James T. Allen
Director of Facilities, Student Affairs, CU Boulder
Former Senior Director, Facility Modernization, DPS

LOA Architecture was honored to be selected by Denver Public Schools to design the second high school on the Paul Sandoval Campus, Conservatory Green High School (CGHS). The Paul Sandoval Campus provides a college campus layout where the CGHS and the existing Northfield High School shared existing buildings such as the gymnasium and cafeteria.

LOA Architecture created elements in the CGHS that include a contemporary design, innovation, sustainability, and educational program flexibility. The high school is placed on the northwest corner of the campus, adjacent to Northfield High School’s SLC (Small Learning Community) building. The exterior reflects the existing Paul Sandoval Campus building materials with a unique design. The school is a three-story building with a central atrium that allows students to experience natural outdoor beauty while learning inside. The brick colors and patterns chosen for the campus help stimulate learning and transform the traditional school environment with the non-traditional high school campus layout.

The LOA Architecture design team created CGHS with Denver Public Schools 21st Century design principles. The design allows ample light inside and transfers through the building, including the main stairwell that receives transferred light from the three-story central atrium. The windows provide gorgeous mountain views to enhance the environment and desire to be in the learning facility, as well as compliance to the required Energy Star efficiency rating. LOA Architecture designed the building to maximize the flexible learning environments with the central atrium encouraging more student/teacher interactions and enhance mental stimulation.

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