Arvada West High School Phase I

Project Details

JEFFCO Public Schools
Arvada, Colorado
72,000 sq. ft.
Date Completed:
Project Partners:

McGrath Inc.
Sample Engineering
JC Baur & Associates
Peak Engineering
Architerra Group
RoofTech Consultants, Inc.

The Phase I addition to Arvada West High School in Colorado provided a new library, science classrooms, general classrooms, a family and consumer studies library, plus associated support spaces for these features. A 906 square foot central plant building that houses supporting boilers and chillers for the addition is located nearby.

The design by LOA Architecture has been described as “one of the most imaginative, unique, innovative and dynamic construction projects in Colorado.” When LOA began the design of Phase I in 2000, little did it know that the daylighting concepts that were incorporated would be as popular and as widely used as daylighting was 9 years later.

The project was the first of 3 separate phases for Arvada West High School. The building was placed adjacent to the existing high school and functions as a stand-alone facility. The design team overcame the challenge to complete the project while the original school operated during construction.

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